Creamy Broccoli Grain Bowl

This is simple bowl of comfort – easier than risotto but still creamy and filled with healthier ingredients. Perfect for a weeknight! Serves 4 | Vegetarian | Less than 60 minutes 2 cups cooked farro (can sub brown rice) 1 head broccoli, slides into florets 1 large daikon radish chopped into 1/2 inch chunks (optional)Continue reading “Creamy Broccoli Grain Bowl”

Spinach, Basil, and Cheese Cauliflower Gnocchi

These are just so good and so good for you! Made with lots of vegetables, whole grains, and whipped cottage cheese they are packed with protein and nutrients as well as so much flavor. Since this recipe makes a lot, you can freeze and thaw for a quick weeknight- simply fry in butter and topContinue reading “Spinach, Basil, and Cheese Cauliflower Gnocchi”

Moroccan Root Vegetables

One Moroccan spice blend called ras el hanout elevates any root vegetable into an extraordinary side. Look for it any grocery store in the spice aisle and use it spice up to salads, dressings and vegetables like these. We like to pair these with meat, fish, lentils or our favorite chicken nuggets (see my previousContinue reading “Moroccan Root Vegetables”

Tuscan Vegetable Farro Bowls

Today was in the single digits in Boston and this dish was just right blend of warmth. The holidays and recent covid surge didn’t allow for much time in the kitchen, but cooking this was simply good for the soul. And extra healthy ingredients make this even more enjoyable! Serves 4 | vegetarian, vegan option,Continue reading “Tuscan Vegetable Farro Bowls”

Roasted Chickpeas and Vegetables with Creamy Lemon Dressing

Roasted vegetables and chickpeas get a lift with a light and creamy yogurt dressing – it’s the perfect weeknight dinner after enjoying holiday treats this weekend! And the whole dinner comes together in 2 bowls and one sheet pan for the easiest clean up. And you can sub the vegetables for others you may haveContinue reading “Roasted Chickpeas and Vegetables with Creamy Lemon Dressing”

Butternut Ravioli with Lemony Brussel Sprouts

This fall ravioli recipe is so easy, healthy and delicious. Butternut squash is a favorite in our house, but packed into a ravioli may be the best version. And paired with brussel sprouts, protein-packed edamame and a lemony wine sauce, what could be better? Perfect for a cool fall evening before those heavier thanksgiving sidesContinue reading “Butternut Ravioli with Lemony Brussel Sprouts”

Barley & Herb Stuffed Squash

I absolutely love fall squashes and delicata is high on my list of favorites. This stuffed delicata is the perfect comforting side and is packed with herby flavor. It’s like a healthy version of thanksgiving stuffing packed inside of a sweet squash that gives you all those fall feels. Serve it with dinner this weekContinue reading “Barley & Herb Stuffed Squash”

Apple Cinnamon Muffins with Homemade Applesauce

There is nothing more warming than an apple cinnamon muffin on a cool fall morning. These muffins are filled with healthy ingredients and are best served with a dollop of warm, homemade applesauce on top (which is so easy to make!). Here to make both your busy weekdays and lazy weekend mornings extra delicious, thisContinue reading “Apple Cinnamon Muffins with Homemade Applesauce”